Streetball betting: how to do it and what to pay attention to?

Streetball betting: how to do it and what to pay attention to?

Streetball is also called street basketball, and its main difference from traditional basketball can be considered two factors: the streetball team plays 3 people, and the size of the playing field is half of the basketball. In recent years, this “basketball 3 on 3” went beyond the scope of entertainment for active youth and became an independent sport: the number of professional streetball clubs is growing, more and more often with players sign long-term contracts.

The growing popularity is evidenced by the fact that streetball is an Olympic sport: the 2020 Summer Olympics will also include streetball for the first time in history.

About the history and the rules

Street basketball originated in the 1950s in poor neighborhoods of New York City: it was one of the few hobbies of young African-Americans who dreamed of getting out of the “ghetto. From the streets of the United States, streetball came to the international level. The game evolved, and today more than 150 countries take part in competitions under the auspices of FIBA 3×3.

The rules of streetball are much simpler than the rules of classic basketball. As already mentioned, the field takes up half of a standard court: 3 players on one side and 3 on the other. One half lasts 10 minutes. If someone scores 21 points, the game ends. A shot from behind the three-point arc counts for two points, any other shot counts for one point. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, overtime is scheduled. Overtime is played until two points are scored. In streetball, there is a place for power play. Referees look the other way on most game clashes.

Advantages of streetball betting

Quick betting calculations. In contrast to regular basketball, playing time here is much less: one game takes no more than 10 minutes of “net” time. This is not soccer or tennis, where sometimes you have to wait for the result for hours. In the 3×3 basketball you can quickly wager and get your winnings in a very short time. Players who make live bets will love this approach.

Disadvantages of streetball betting

Narrow coverage. Undoubtedly, this is the main disadvantage of streetball betting. Usually limited to the standard P1/P2, TB/TM and F1/F2. No variety. If you are a fan of betting on statistics, you will have a hard time in this sports discipline. Comparatively wide coverage is only available at major tournaments like the World Cup or the BIG3 league.

High margins. At the moment basketball 3×3 is not very popular and strongly inferior to the attention of the leading sports. The bookmakers’ logic on margins is clear.

In pre-match, the margin can be as high as 10%. This hits hard on the pockets of players, so if you are scared of such figures and you are used to bet on events with a margin of 2-3%, it is better to pass by the streetball section.

How to choose a streetball bet?

There are no guaranteed winning strategies for betting on streetball, just as there are none for playing any other sport. In order to bet more successfully, it is important to have a certain amount of knowledge and be able to use up-to-date information. To do this, you need to watch team matches more often, analyze their playing form and make bets based on your own observations.

First of all, you should not ignore the injured list: in streetball, a lot depends on one player, and the loss of a key player can greatly affect the outcome of the meeting. You must also understand what kind of tournament is being played. In regional league matches it is often very difficult to predict the result, so experienced players in such battles recommend betting on statistical indicators.

If you have chosen to bet on an international level meeting, a detailed report on the game of each team can be found on the official FIBA website.

Types of streetball bets

If you are familiar with betting on regular basketball, you will have no difficulty with the streetball spread.

Bets on the outcome of the event. These are the most common P1/X/P2. That is, the victory of one of the teams or a draw.

Bets on totals. Bets on totals are very popular in basketball, and in other sports (soccer, hockey). This option is liked by players who are able to analyze not only the form of teams, but also their past results. In streetball, you can bet on the total points of teams in a match or on the total points of a particular player.

Betting on the handicap. This type of betting implies a certain advantage or disadvantage of one of the teams. For example, the player is confident that Malta in the match against the USA will avoid losing without scoring or with a smashing score: in this case, he can take a bet on Malta with a handicap (+7.5) points. With the result of the match with a score of 17:10 (conditional) in favor of the U.S. national team, such a bet wins.

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