How to bet on speedway

How to bet on speedway

Steep turns, lots of overtaking and unusual “dirt” tracks – it’s all about speedway. Nowadays it lost its former glory a little bit, and for most bettors its name says nothing. Anyway, play2bets decided to take a closer look at the details of speedway betting and have prepared a useful guide for you.

Speedway as a sport

The main difference between speedway and other types of motocross is the competition route. It is an oval with a length of 260 to 400 meters. Competitions are most often held for motorcycles with an engine capacity of 500 cm³.

Each race usually involves four riders. The points between them are distributed as follows:

  • 1st place, 3 points;
  • 2nd place, 2 points;
  • third place, one point;
  • 4th place – 0 points.

Individual, doubles and team tournaments are held. In the first case, the athlete participates in 12-20 races, the results of which are determined by his place in the overall standings. In doubles competitions, the results of two riders performing in a bundle are summed up. In team competitions, the results of all riders from one team are taken into account.

Competitions are not only spectacular, but also traumatic. There were cases of deaths of athletes on the track. Distinguish between speedway on ice and on gravel.

The first World Championships were held in 1936 in London, and since then has been held annually. Since 1995, organized as a series of races Grand Prix, held during the season in different countries. Leaders here are athletes from Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand and Great Britain. Emil Sayfutdinov was the most successful of the domestic riders, twice taking third place in the individual classification.

The Team World Cup has been called Speedway of Nations since 2018, and the Russian team has won the last three tournaments. Teams from Poland, Denmark, Australia, and Sweden are also successful.

In the above countries – and the most prestigious national speedway competitions. There are also European Championships, both individual and team.

Betting on Speedway

On popular competitions, such as stages of the World Grand Prix, Speedway of Nations, leading national championships (including the Russian one), many domestic BCs usually offer a fairly wide line. It includes:

  • Bets on the winner of a single race;
  • Bets on the winner of the whole competition;
  • Bets on the exact score (both in individual and team tournaments);
  • Betting on handicaps. It is required to predict with what handicap in time the winner of the race will win;
  • Comparison bets. A pair of riders is selected, and bettors are invited to guess which of them will be the best by results of the race or the whole tournament;
  • Betting on the fastest lap. It is required to predict which of the participants will be the fastest in any of the laps of the race (usually, each race is held in four circles).

As for the less prestigious competitions, the line usually includes no more than two or three markets.

Bookmaker’s margin on speedway bets usually ranges from 2.5-4%. The betting limits are quite low.

Tips for betting

To predict bets on this sport, you need to take into account the following factors

Weather conditions. In rain, the skill of the participants of the races is leveled;
Location. The length of the track can, as already mentioned, vary. Some athletes are more adapted to long laps, while others, on the contrary, to short ones;
Characteristics of motorcycles of participants. It is important to know not only the engine capacity, but also the weight, width of the handlebars and other basic technical data “iron horses”;
The schedule of competitions. Athletes who have taken part in more races in the day, of course, tired more “fresh” opponents;
The experience of the athletes. Racers typically compete on both ice and racetracks. Experienced participants know how to adjust their tactics to a particular surface and avoid falls and injuries;
Team competitions are quite different from individual competitions. Often in team tournaments win not those in which there are the strongest athletes, but those in which the level of each of the participants is stable.

Of the useful resources on the sport we will highlight:

www.speedwaygp.com – site about speedway with a variety of useful information;


In conclusion, let us note that speedway is an exciting sport not only in terms of spectacle, but also in terms of betting on it. Having studied this sport discipline, and perhaps falling in love with it, it is quite realistic to get a regular substantial profit in betting on this market as well.

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