Every year in the spring, it’s an amazing and intense time when we can bet on Formula 1. Or, in short: F1. The preparation time is an important period for fans. It gives a lot of information about how a particular team, car, who is representing the team, what mechanics will be and much, much more.

It is also very important information for anyone who places bets online. In our article you will find out which team has a chance of making the podium in the 2021-2022 season. The ranking of the best bookmakers is very accurate, because the analysis of statistics allows you to learn a lot. For those fans who not only follow the competitions, but also often decide to bet on the result, all the technical information is very important. The major bookmakers give a huge range of different bets on F1. So, if we look at the bookmakers review, we can see that there are several hundred betting options for the F1 Grand Prix, and that’s without taking into account the operator’s LIVE options. So, to bet effectively on F1, you need to understand at least the basic intricacies.

Best Formula 1 Sports Betting

Loyal fans and fans of sports betting even follow the information about the preparations themselves. What changes have been made – not all are disclosed so as not to show their trump card up their sleeve to their rivals – what changes have taken place in the teams, why, who left, who came and what is the health of the racers taking part in the next races.

After all, some people were injured in accidents last season, and as a result of those accidents, physical fitness may have declined – that’s important, too. Before the season starts, you can get a little information about the sport itself. The calendar of events, qualified teams, rally venues, and much, much more are all very important.

Betting on the Formula 1 season

When deciding to bet on Formula 1 games, it is important to know how to play correctly. You should check if the bookmaker offers a betting app and if it is even possible to bet online and from your mobile. Make sure that the bookmaker’s office offers proven and secure payment methods.

To begin with, we’ll look at how you can gamble at all and what you can earn in the Formula 1 season. Formula 1 betting has a special structure. The betting offer in this area is very adapted to the sport. It is important to note that this offer allows you to bet not only on the winner of a given Grand Prix or the world champion at the end of the season. The possibilities are much wider.

First of all, the Grand Prix mentioned. Then the rider who will be first in the said race must be nominated. The second option is TOP 3. In this bet we also select one player, but he must be in the top three. He does not have to be the winner.

TOP bookmakers offer slightly better odds:

  • 6 – the participant must be in the top six
  • 10 – the participant must be in the top ten
  • 15 – a participant must be in the top fifteen

Types of bookmakers – Formula 1

Another type of bet available in Formula 1 racing is whether or not a driver finishes. This also gives you a little more chance of winning, especially when live bets are available. It is more likely that a competitor will finish the race at all than that he will be first or even in the top three. You can choose an H2H bet. This is a bet in which two players are chosen, and which of them will finish higher in the overall standings.

The Safety Car is a bet on the race as a whole. Players decide whether a safety car will enter the track during a given Grand Prix. Knowing Formula 1 and the tracks, as well as having experience and knowledge of past years, you can make the decision here with a high degree of probability. Some tracks are safer, others are less safe.

Lesser/More (drivers) is another Formula 1 betting bet, which in turn is related to how many drivers finish or do not finish a given race. There is no need for a specific number here. There is only a cutoff number, above or below which any value would already be a hit. Under / over (time) is the second option of the same bet. However, in this case, the players determine whether the time of the best lap in the race (regardless of who reaches this result) will be better or worse than the value specified by the bookmaker.

The subtleties of F1 betting

When deciding to invest your own money in Formula 1 betting, you should remember a few important rules. They will not only help you win, but also keep you from losing at the right moment. The basic rule is that if in a given race you can’t choose a bet, choose a winner or just don’t know what decision to make, give it up. This is the best decision and will save you money for the next Grand Prix. However, if you prefer to bet on Formula 1, consider a few factors that affect whether or not you win. These factors are:

Track – Every racer has a favorite track they feel best on. Some are experts at twisty, serpentine tracks, while others do much better on long straight sections. Knowing which driver is stronger at what makes the decision easier;

Weather is another important factor. It’s worth keeping track of history. One master drives in the rain, the other drives fast on hot asphalt? Knowing which driver feels better in predictable weather makes it easier to make the right predictive decision;

The car – the condition of the car, the tires you choose, the fuel level, anything to do with the economy of the car also matters. You have to remember that after qualifying the cars are sent to a special place and nothing can be changed in them. So it is worth keeping track of qualifications to know how much fuel is left, on which tires the “game” begins and what solutions have been used. These parameters are the starting point for the driver on race day.

History of F1 racing

The beginning of Formula One racing dates back to 1950. The first race was held on May 13 of that year in the UK at Silverstone. Its first winner was Nino Farina, then a rising star of rally racing. Farina was crowned Formula 1 World Champion shortly after his success in the first race. In fact, he worked very hard to get the title. The cars that were originally raced were of two types. One had 1.5-liter supercharged engines. The other had 4.5-liter engines. All engines were placed at the front of the car. Interestingly, during the race, pilots from one team could take over the cars of their colleagues.

The first record holder for the number of wins was Juan Manuel Fangio. His first victory was in 1951, in his second racing season. His next successes came in 1954-1957. He was the first Formula One driver with four wins and was on the tracks for a long time without defeat. In 1958, the competition was extended to constructors as well. Thus, teams became much more important. The race organizers held a team standings and selected six teams based on this.

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