Find a high class bookmaker

If you’re planning to get serious about hockey betting, you should choose the services of a high-end bookmaker. Ideally, it should offer the highest possible odds, at least a good mobile app, access to basic statistics and the ability to watch online broadcasts of matches of the major hockey leagues, especially the NHL. When choosing a bookmaker office, we also recommend taking into account the size of the welcome bonus, thanks to which you will get additional funds for betting.

Find the best odds

That said, I don’t recommend limiting yourself to one bookmaker. Clearly, if you have access to more offers, you will be able to choose the highest odds and thus maximize the value of your possible winnings. Therefore, it is always worth choosing odds that are even slightly higher, especially if you are playing at higher stakes.

Learn how to calculate value

Value is the value of a bet. If the odds of the event you are betting on are high, then that bet is worth considering. Understanding this principle is a little higher level of typing development – bets with good odds are worth the most consideration, whether we are betting on a favorite or an underdog.

Find a good source of statistics

Statistics are an extremely important element when placing bets not only on hockey, but on sports in general. Therefore, it is worth arming yourself with access to quality statistics that will greatly increase our chances of dueling with the bookie. Good statistics should include not only standings and match lists, but also results for periods, penalties, as well as lead/loss data and top scorers.

Check team lineups before the match

Another important piece of the puzzle. Since hockey is a fairly injury-prone sport, you have to keep your finger on the pulse at all times and check to see if the main roster players are complaining of injuries that could rule them out of the game. The same goes for possible team reinforcements.

Use social media and forums

Sometimes your own betting knowledge and experience is not enough, especially when you are betting on an unpredictable discipline like hockey. That’s why I recommend using forums and social media groups like Facebook or Twitter. There you will find betting tips, hockey picks (including NHL picks in particular) and a lot of other data that can be helpful when looking for picks.

Don’t limit yourself to basic markets

The 1X2 market is by far the most popular market, including when it comes to hockey selections, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the most profitable. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at the bookmaker’s offerings. In this way, you can find interesting odds by betting on markets such as betting on goals and scorers.


In hockey, not only does it matter what markets you bet on, but also what games you play. All of the world’s top leagues differ in the specifics of the game and the level. Below we’ve outlined the five strongest competitions in the world of ice hockey.


The NHL is the promised land of hockey. The strongest and richest hockey games, featuring teams from the United States and Canada. Playing in the NHL is the golden grail of every young adept of this discipline who dreams of great fame and huge money. Therefore, it is not surprising that not only the best players of the university clubs in North America come here, but also the greatest talents of the leading European leagues. The most successful clubs in the history of this competition are the Montreal Canadiens (23 titles), Toronto Maple Leafs (13) and Detroit Red Wings (11).


According to popular belief, the second strongest hockey league in the world. It brings together teams from Russia, as well as some clubs from Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Finland and China. KHL exists since 2008. As with the NHL, teams were divided into two conferences (East and West) and four divisions. In addition to players from associated countries, the CHL also includes hockey players from Europe and the NHL. In the latter case, these are often players who are on the last straight in their professional careers. The most successful club in KHL history is Ak Bars Kazan, winner of three champion titles.

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